Elwood Life Saving Club’s volunteer lifesavers patrol Elwood foreshore on weekends and public holidays between November and April.

What does it take to become a lifesaver?

Patrollers are assigned to a team and typically cover about nine shifts each season lasting between five and six hours each.  Prospective patrollers can gain their surf rescue certificate or bronze medallion through the club.  Members undertaking the surf rescue certificate are required to complete a 200m swim in five minutes or less and must be at least 13 years of age on the date of their final assessment.  Those undertaking the bronze medallion are required to complete a 400m swim in nine minutes or less and must be aged at least 15 years on the date of the final assessment.

Each award also requires successful completion of theory components covering areas such as surf awareness and skills, resuscitation, first aid, radio operations, communication and rescue techniques.  Regular training programs are provided to update and improve lifesaving skills.

All patrolling members must complete an annual proficiency assessment, called skills maintenance, which keeps their lifesaving awards current.  This includes the successful completion of a theory component prior to attending a practical assessment.

If you have a question about patrolling at Elwood, including becoming a patrol member, please see our membership page or contact the club captain via Our latest lifesaving courses are listed on the Training/Courses page.

When are lifesaving patrols?

Patrol times for the season are split up into three different patrol periods.

PeriodStartsEndsPatrol Times
PreNovember 12, 2023December 24, 202312pm-5pm
PeakDecember 25, 2023February 25, 202412pm-6pm
PostMarch 2, 2024April 25, 202412pm-5pm

Patrol roster

The patrol roster outlines each member’s patrol team and their rostered days on duty.  It is vital members check the roster carefully.  Members who cannot attend on their rostered day must find a replacement and notify their patrol captain or vice captain in advance.

The Elwood Life Saving Club Member’s Facebook page may assist in helping find a patroller to fill in a shift.

All patrollers must arrive at the clubhouse a half hour before their rostered shift to assist with set up and allow a half hour after the end of patrol for pack up.

Members who have gained their surf rescue certificate or bronze medallion and are interested in being assigned a patrol team are urged to contact the club captain via

Patrol 1Patrol 2Patrol 3Patrol 4Patrol 5
November 11November 12November 18November 26November 19
November 25December 2December 3December 9December 10
December 16December 17December 23December 24December 26
December 30December 31January 1January 6January 7
January 13January 14January 20January 21January 26
January 27January 28February 4February 3February 11
February 24February 10February 17February 18February 25
March 9March 3March 2March 11March 10
March 29March 17March 16March 24March 23
April 6March 30March 31April 1April 7
April 13April 14